Point Presser & Clapper, one of the most useful tools you’ll ever use.

The point presser & clapper is one of the oldest pieces of pressing equipment still on the market today. Some of you will have seen pictures of the inside of tailoring workrooms from centuries ago & in every picture you will see a point presser of some sort.  Here at English Couture I have them specially made to my design by a local craftsman. He makes them from Tulip wood. (never heard of tulip wood.  It comes from a tulip tree. See below).

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This is a hard wood, so it’s perfect to absorb the steam. I have had lots of people come in to the shop & ask for it by many names, banger, thumper, or just an arm movement to indicate what you do with it.

Whatever you want to call it it is a piece of equipment I can’t live without. But what do you do with it I hear you cry.

Well it has several uses. The points on top are to press open seams in awkward places, such as the corners of lapels.

By using the point you can get right up into the corner & press it open. The wood will instantly absorb the steam & set the seam open. This makes turning corners a doddle.

The flat bottom is made to be used on the edges of garments. Just press the edge as normal putting some steam in to the edge. Press the point presser on to the edge, the wood absorbs the steam instantly & sets the edge,  so you get a professionally pressed edge that is worthy of any tailoring workroom.


You can manage without one but when it’s this easy! Order now. Point Presser & Clapper