Are You About to become a World Cup Widow?

This is the question posed to a lot of ladies in this country. Having lived with football lunatics all my life I know how long a World Cup can go on for. My Father would have sat & watched Outer Mongolia’s under 10s if it had been on TV. My sister is not that bad but I know a lot of football is about to be on.  It starts on Thursday & finishes on July 13th. I think we can do some stash busting while they waste their time in front of the TV. Most of the games are going to be on during the evenings so now is the time to get meals cooked & frozen in preparation.

This idea came to me about six weeks ago when I was left alone in the house whilst Leicester City played their last game of the season. I decided to leave the housework & the gardening & sew whilst I was on my own. I managed to finish two shirts which had been started on courses & also make a bra.  See results below.

Striped shirt being worn 2                                                                                                         Piped shirt being worn - Copy


It then came to me, how much fabric could we use up during the world cup. This is your chance to make time to sew. I’m going to take the first couple of weeks to finish off some bits & pieces I’ve already got on the go. They are mainly underwear & nightwear projects. I’ve prepared for you a form available to download on our resources page. It is a checklist of things you will need for sewing clothes. This will help us to get organised so we can get on & sew with no excuses. There is space for you to pin samples & then you can tick what you have already  & write in anything you need to complete the job. I’ve already started this.

Checklist for sewing 3

I think I’m going to need a lot of these lists!

English Couture will be open on Saturday 28th June between 10am & 1pm, bring along your checklist & get everything you need to complete your projects. Then we will be ready to sew.

I think we could make quite a hole in our fabric stash by the time the tournament finishes. We might even need to go out shopping for more fabric!  I will be posting all through out this time with the things I have managed to get done. I would love to hear what you think to the idea & see photographs of what you have managed to make as time goes on.

By the time the World Cup ends & partners are feeling guilty about not taking you out, you will have lots of clothes ready for that special weekend away to ease the guilt. Even if you don’t have partners who love football use this as an excuse to join in the fun & sew!!