Hello I’m Paul Smith Exhibition

Hello, I’m Paul Smith is a fantastic exhibition running at the Design Museum in London. It’s only on until 22nd June so hurry if you want to see it. It is a fascinating insight into the fashion designers world.

You can see some of the inspirations for his designs, not only clothes. I loved the mockups of his office & workroom. It’s worth going to see the exhibition just to see them. It is so messy it’s brilliant. I could have worked there instantly. My sister on the other hand was horrified. If you have a family who are always complaining about the mess you make sewing then take them along. If he can make that much mess then we need permission  to be able to make some mess to produce our designs! The original shop he had in Nottingham was tiny & a shell of this is there. I’ve worked in some cramped places, (do you remember the first stand I had at the NEC?) but this really takes the biscuit.

There are some of his clothes on display & the details are great. I love the sleeve on this coat,

Paul Smith Sleeve detail


and the pocket flap on this one.

Paul Smith Red Coat

There is a film showing behind the scenes of a fashion show. It was good to see what goes on with the preparation. There is also a cardboard cut out of the man himself so you can have a photo taken with him. Of course I had to have a go, as you can see.

Paul smith Photo

By coincidence the shirt I’m wearing is a Paul Smith cloth. We still have some  left in the shop

I had a great time at the exhibition. Let me know, if you have been what you thought. If you took some photo’s I’d love to see them.