Come On England

Have you ever wondered what goes on during the bra making weekend? Well obviously we make bras, but as I was telling last weekends students about the sewing for the world cup blog we are running Amanda suddenly said ‘you ought to make a world cup bra’ If you could have seen inside my head when she said it you would have seen lights flashing & a fanfare of music playing. What a great idea. Then the discussion which followed led to quite a lot of ideas being passed around but the final design is the one which you can see here. I went home on Saturday evening to see if it was possible to do. After searching through my bit boxes I came up with the satin’s you see & all the notions. ( how often does that happen? it was meant to be). I started to make the cups, but at 9.30pm when you have been teaching all day my energy finally left me. I went in on Sunday & told the ladies that I had started work. I’m not sure they believed me but I did promise to post this so they could see the finished project.

I did have a bit of a technical hitch along the way. I finished the bra on Monday evening, was quite chuffed with myself & tried it on. Ooops, the cross on the St. Georges flag looked like a wonky X. How many times have I told my students not to look at the cups straight on, when we wear a bra we wear the cups tilted.

Which cross

Back to the drawing board. It took more time to get the stripes running straight than it did to finish the rest of the bra. I then decided that it needed matching knickers. What is a bra without matching knickers! (Briefly Covered)  Here is the finished set.

World cup undies floor

This set is going into my shop window to mark the launch of the World Cup & hopefully get some of the Syston locals interested in our sew along. I’ve had some positive feedback to the idea so if you want to join in just keep me posted on what you are sewing. Any problems with what you are making let me know, send pictures of your progress. I’ll put them all on the blog.  Can’t wait now for it to start so I can get some serious sewing time in.