How’s it Going?

Well one week into the action, I seem to have watched quite a lot of football. This wasn’t in the plan. I will need to make more time to sew next week. I have however managed to make four pairs of knickers.

 4 Pairs of knickers

These were cut out before I went on holiday four weeks ago. I needed them for my holiday, of course I didn’t get to make them up but now I have them done, & my stretch lace stash has been reduced by at least 1/16th!

Now on to more exciting things, I’ve had a lovely time filling in the Check list for Sewing  form & I know quite a few of you have done this as well. I also sorted out my workroom, as you can see it’s an absolute tip. Paul Smith eat your heart out!


 Workroom Sortout

Those of you with a very good memory will remember this jacket.


 Pink & ivroy Chanel jacket

I finished it about 3 years ago for the stand at the NEC. I have never worn this jacket because I haven’t made the skirt to go with it. That has changed style several times but it is now cut out. Then came the problem of what to wear underneath the jacket & the lovely peachy pink satin that I’ve fallen in love with was just the thing. I’ve already made a nightie out of this fabric. The top is cut out & I’m hoping there is enough left over to make a camisole.

The target for this week’s sewing is to get the top & skirt  finished. I’ll let you know how it goes.

How are you getting on?