I’m still sewing are you?

I really didn’t think that it would be this hard to sew during the World Cup. Why are there so many other things that want doing? Watching Wimbledon doesn’t help either. On Sunday I decided to take the day off. See the results of that in the next blog. Those of you who have been following closely will remember that last week I set myself a challenge to make a top & a skirt to go with the Chanel style jacket I made about three years ago. Well I very nearly suceeded Below is the top made in one of my favourite fabrics. It’s a one way stretch satin & seems to match most of my wardrobe.

Pink top for chanel jacket I am quite please with the way this looks. The skirt has been in one piece several times whilst I make up my mind what I really want. This is a photo of the waist band coming off for one alteration.

Skirt alteration

Now I have to decide on the length, whether to keep it short or lengthen it. Either way it’s going to be shorter than I usually wear, but I think a change is good!

I had a great time on Saturday at the open day it was fantastic to see all of you. The World Cup window is causing quite a stir in the village as we still have it up. I put it to the ladies on Saturday that we could keep it if you all sent in photo’s of things you have made to cover up the England flags. I think it would look fantastic to have bunting  full of pictures of  clothes you have made. So come on don’t be shy send me a picture. I’m still going to carry on sewing as much as possible. We had some new fabric in the shop last week. (It will be on the website as soon as possible). My sister Wendy went down & raided the new stock. So the order for sewing has now changed. She has two dresses a pair of pyjamas & a nightie now sitting waiting.  I must finish my skirt first. Keep checking back to see how I’m getting on!