What could I find at the zoo to do with sewing?

I decided on Sunday to take the day off work & go out for the day. I have lived all my life in Leicestershire & have never been to Twycross zoo. For those of you who have never heard of Twycross zoo it is a very well known zoo which was famous for the PG tips chimpanzees during the 1960’s. After it became known that this caused distress to animals, the zoo became a conservation zoo. It breeds endangered species & in some cases sends them back to the wild. In the local newspaper they have been reporting all year a baby boom at the zoo.

So off we went me armed with my camera to take lots of photo’s. (I’m nearly as mad at taking photo’s as I am at sewing)! The weather didn’t look too promising but we weren’t put off. We had to decide where to go first & as the baby elephant was top of the list to see that’s where we went. see below, she is so cute,

Elephants small

Like all babies she has some disgusting habits, like eating the muck left around the enclosure! We spent ages photographing  them. Then we went to see the gorilla’s these creatures are so human like it’s frightening. Then it was a three month old baby gorilla.

Baby gorilla

I know you are all going arr! Just wait to see what it could grow up in to, this is Dad! We were just about to go for an ice cream when I spotted this animal.

Vicuna small

On closer inspection I began to get very excited. I know what you are thinking, no babies, a very straggly looking llama like creature. What could she possibly be getting excited about. This is a vicuna, so what you’re thinking? The hair from this animal is woven into the most expensive cloth you can buy. When I was tailoring we made a coat from it. I don’t remember much about the coat but I do remember that the cloth was so expensive that it wasn’t sold by the metre it was sold by the inch! Now I know why. It is an endangered species & those that don’t live in zoos are living so far up in the mountains that no one can get to them & the survival rate is very low.

I almost asked what they do with the hair that gets left around the enclosure but then came to my senses before the excitement got to me. I wouldn’t have anywhere to process it if they gave it to me!

So you can see even when I have a day off with no intention of doing anything remotely to do with sewing it always finds me! Can’t wait for the next day off to see what happens next. By the way I took over two hundred photo’s thank goodness for digital camera’s!