One Week to go.

I can’t believe that there is only one week to go on the World Cup. Hasn’t it gone quickly, usually by now I’m tearing my hair out with wall to wall football. This time I don’t really want it to come to an end. I’ve finally got a photo through from you well done Gail this photo came in last week &  I think you have done a fantastic job on this nightie.

 Gails nightie small

This nightie is made of what used to be my favourite lingerie fabric. It’s only been demoted to my second favourite because we had some new fabrics in the shop.The planned sewing for this week went right out of the window as I had to try out the new stock.

Nightie for blog

I couldn’t resist this fabric at the wholesalers it felt so soft. It also has little pictures of bras, suspender belts & perfume bottles on it. It makes up like a dream. Trimmed with the new lace & matching edging it looks fantastic. It’s for my sister as wages for helping out at the open morning.  The big news this week is that I have finally completed the skirt to go with the jacket I made three years ago.

Chanel Suit

I’m really pleased with this now it’s finished & I think that together with the top finished last week it is a great outfit. As some of you will know I like to play with stripes & checks putting them on the crossgrain  to create different effects. This is what I’ve done with this skirt. The bottom band is cut on the cross with washable supersoft inside cut on the straight grain to control it. I’ve done the same with two insert panels on the front of the skirt. It just makes a very plain skirt a bit more interesting.  All I need now is somewhere to wear it!

This week I’m hoping to get back to the original plan from the beginning of this sewalong. See what happens next week.