I love a Wet Bank Holiday Monday

Am I the only person in the country who looked forward to the bank holiday being wet? This meant that I didn’t have to go out or stay at home & garden all day. I set my stall out to sew all afternoon, what a treat. The new poly/wool/lycra suiting we have in stock, somehow managed to find it’s way into my workroom in two colours red & purple. (my favourites). I’m desperate for some skirts for work. I don’t like making skirts I’m not really sure why. So I dug out the pattern for my comfortable skirt I last made this one about 15 years ago. I drafted it on to dot & cross paper when I last used it so it was ready to use even after all this time.I made a suit in a fabric that was a wool fabric but had a little bit of lycra in it, I got fed up with the jacket sometime ago but I still wear the skirt, it is about to fall apart. I’ve been waiting for the right cloth to turn up to make it as the pattern is panelled but there are built in godets at the bottom & it needs a lightweight fabric that will drape well.

Bank holiday blog 1

This fabric was even better than I thought. Seams went together with no puckers. The zip was quick & easy even though I used the couture method & pressing it was a dream, I didn’t even need to use a pressing cloth there was no shine to be seen. In next to no time I was at the waistband stage. I like to use petastretch in my waistbands. It’s smart,  smooth & best of all it has a little bit of give in it so you can eat your pudding as well as your main course! Sewing it is very easy you just place it on the seamline so you are sewing on the waistband seam no need to stretch it or do anything complicated. The band is then just wrapped around the petastretch & hand stitched. It makes a very nice firm waistband so it doesn’t crease but the little bit of give makes it very comfortable to wear even in the hot weather.

using petastretch

As I was stitching the purple fabric a thought struck me, I bought a pair of black & purple suede boots a couple of years ago at the NEC, I wonder what the colour match is like. Well what do you think?

Bank holiday blog 3

I now have two new skirts to wear for work. In bright bold colours that will brighten up even the darkest of winter days. I don’t know why I don’t make more skirts than I do. They don’t take very much time & look much smarter & more feminine for work than trousers. Is it too early in the year for boots?