Winter Coat Making Week

This week is coat making course week. I have ladies making coats in my workroom for a whole five days. So I thought I would make one as well. I’m going to keep you all informed as we go through the week as to how we are getting on. This morning I fitted toilles for all my ladies. Here is my toille.

Coat toille small

The coat looks quite plain in the toille form but it will be quite an ornate coat with belts & buttons everywhere when its done. The next stage is to cut everything out. This takes a long time. First the fabric, then the lining & finally the interfacing.

The coat fabric is a pure cashmere coating it was a bargain during the summer & as it was purple I just had to have it. The lining is one we have in stock in the shop, it couldn’t have been a better match for the fabric as well as being an eye catching addition to the coat.  I’m using the coat weight interfacing all over this fabric. I decided to use it all over the coat instead of just the t-zone just in case any shadows from the interfacing show through on the right side. The interfacing may be the heaviest we do but it doesn’t add too much weight to the cloth. The feel of this cloth is fantastic but with the interfacing on the back it is just luxurious.

Coat weight o coat

Fusing the interfacing takes some time but by following the instructions here you can’t go wrong. We will hopefully get the coats joined up & the pockets put in tomorrow & it will start to look like a coat. I can’t wait to wear mine. The nip in the air this morning means I won’t have to wait very long before I can wear it. Check back soon for the next instalment.