Day Two – Winter Coat Course

Day two of the course sees the coats start to take shape. With all the cutting out done & the fusible interfacings put in to place it’s time to sew at last. First job is to join the seams together. The fronts & then the backs. The lining joined all in one piece. Then we make a floating chest piece.

Floating Chest piece

This is made using our white chest canvas & fusible chest padding. I chose the floating chest piece due to the fabric I’m using I didn’t want any shadows to show through to the right side. A chest piece prevents the shoulder collasping & helps to support the shoulder pad & sleeves.

To the right side of the coat I’ve added the shoulder shield. This is a design feature on this coat. It was originaly put on to trench style coats as an extra layer to prevent water getting to the shoulder & chest area of the coat. The water runs straight off the bottom of the shield.

Chest shield

The welt pockets came next. Complete with machined top stitching. This is unusual for me as I normally hand stitch the edges but this time because of the style of the coat. The lapel can be worn open or closed up, so a machined edge will work best.

Welt Pocket

Joining up the side seams of the main fabric is the last job of the day. Putting together the lining & the main fabric is one of the jobs for tomorrow. It will definately then be starting to look like a proper coat. As they say tomorrow is another day. So come back & see what happens next.