Day Four- A collar for the Coat

Well it’s day four already. I think the week has passed by very quickly. Not sure my students would agree as I asked them something about an instruction I gave on Monday morning & they said they couldn’t remember as it was a lifetime ago! I have to admit that this course is very packed if you want to get the coat done & I do slave drive everyone so that they can get as much as possible done to their coats. I think the ladies are beginning to feel a bit tired now. So today started out with the coat flat with all the body pieces together. The lining was all basted in & fitting perfectly.

lining in of winter coat

The next stage is to sew up the shoulder seams so immediately it becomes a coat. We are all working on different designs of coat so the collar application is slightly different for everyone. I wanted a stiff collar stand & large collar needed for this style so I’ve used fusible interfacing in both pieces. In the stand I’ve used the heaviest weight of fusible appropriately name coat weight. I’ve used the washable supersoft in the collar to give it a slightly softer feel.

coat collar close up

The photo is not quite as good as I had hoped but I think you can just about make it out. You can also see the shoulder shield I’ve put on to the front to make it look like a traditional trench coat. The fabric is making up like a dream & I can’t wait to wear the coat. One of my students is making an alpaca wool coat & tried it on this afternoon. It was so warm we nearly had to open the windows! Maybe we will both have to wait a few weeks before it is cold enough to wear them. As you can see from the photo’s, tomorrow’s job is going to be sleeves & hand finishing. I’m getting very excited to see all of the coats finished. Roll on tomorrow!