Day Five- Winter Coat Course. Sleeves & Finishing

Well the last day of the course & the sun was blazing through the workroom window. No one wanted to try on a heavy winter coat it was far too hot! Would we get our coats done before we finished?

Anyway we ploughed on putting in the sleeves as the first job. Adding a sleeve wrap followed by a pair of our felt pads made the coats really professional. Then we sat back to hand finish them. First we made up the armholes hand felling the lining around the armhole. Then the hemline with the stitches underneath the hem so you can’t see them. A lot of decisions had to be made as to whether or not to machine stitch the edges. Usually on a jacket or coat I like to do a hand prick stitch but I decided on mine to machine it this time. Not that I got to do my edge stitching. As you can see from the picture mine is still not quite finished.

Coat collar close up

As you can see I have quite a lot of design features on my coat & this means a lot of buttonholes. The sleeves on this coat do look better than the picture I am a funny shape & the hanger isn’t! I will post a picture of my coat when it is completely finished. I like to do hand worked buttonholes on jackets & coats as most machines don’t like sewing a nice buttonhole on really thick fabric.

The students were a little less ambitious than me & got the vast majority of their coat’s finished apart from pressing & buttoning them. There seemed little point to pressing them to then put them in a bag to take home. So I’m hoping they will have finished over the weekend. I did manage to persuade two of them to have their photo’s taken for the blog so you could see what we’ve been up to all week. So a big thank you goes to Ruth & Shahnaz for posing with their nearly finished coats.

                   Ruth in coat                   Shahnaz in coat

Ruth’s coat is one of the vintage vogue patterns with a beautiful swing back to it. & Shahnaz’s hip length coat is also a Vogue pattern with various length’s on the pattern. This is the first time Shahnaz has made a coat so I think she’s done a great job. Everyone had a fantastic week making some beautiful coat’s although they all admitted to being exhausted by Friday.

I will be running the course again next year. So if this has made you want to have a go, then look out for the new dates coming soon.