Ponti Roma Jersey Dress

At last I’ve managed to get the dress finished which I started when the Ponti Roma jersey first came in stock. As you can see from the photo, I couldn’t make up my mind which colour I liked the best, so I used all four colours which we then had in stock. The panels in this dress lend themselves beautifully to having lots of colours.
I used a straight stitch to sew up this fabric but changed to a stretch needle. This needle helps if you are getting skipped stitches on stretch fabrics. I did use the armhole reinforcement tape on the shoulder seams just to stop any stretch. This tape never fails to amaze me. It is the finest stay tape you can imagine. The actual tape is barely 2mm wide but it stops any sort of stretching in any part of the garment. I’ve even used it on bias cut waists & they stay beautifully in shape.
Ponti Roma Jersey dress small
The fabric makes up like a dream. It really helps when you have a fabric which doesn’t crease. The pointed skirt panels also apealed to me as being a bit different. Of course now I have to find an excuse to wear it.
We no longer have any of the grey colour in this fabric but since I had the first lot in we have added another two colours to the range. The purple colourway is selling really fast & the khaki green is proving to be popular as well. We definately won’t get this quality of fabric at this price ever again. I know lots of you have already bought this fabric so don’t be shy, send me some photos’s & let me see what you have done with yours.