Four Day Jacket Challenge

I didn’t think I had enough preparation to do for the Sewing for Pleasure exhibition next week so I thought a nice easy sewing challenge would fill in the time. So here is the latest crazy idea. I’m going to try to make a speed tailored jacket whilst I’m on the stand at the NEC next week. As you can see from the photo I’m cutting it out now

.Cutting the 4 day challenge


There is not enough room on the stand to do it there & I will have to fuse some of the bigger pieces at home, again due to the lack of space. The rest of the jacket I’m going to attempt to complete before the show ends on Sunday evening. I have no idea if I will manage it as there will be a lot of people to talk to & I’m giving a lecture every day at 12.30 which will take up at least an hour a day. If I was at home & put my head down & just got on with it I could easily do the job in two days, but with all those distractions who knows.

During the show at some point I will be demonstrating every process of making a jacket, it depends on which day you come as to  what you are going to see. The jacket is made of reversible denim. One side is purple & the other side pink. I’m still trying to decide which side I like best & which panels are going to be on which side. (I like it when preparation is done well in advance). Having worked for the last four weeks with students on traditional tailoring it will be quite a change to do some speed tailoring. Although I do tend to mix the two methods up & come out with a combination tailoring method. For instance I prefer a floating chest piece when speed tailoring as I think it gives a much nicer appearance to a fused chest piece.(Don’t know the difference? Come along & check it out).  I also like to put the collar on with a traditional twist. Which ever method I’m doing I always do hand worked buttonholes & I’m hoping that some new buttonhole twist & gimp I’ve ordered will be here in time for me to try it out. If it turns out to be what I want, we will be stocking it in the shop , so watch this space.

Reversible denim

I’ve just got to make sure that I put in to the bag everything I need as I can’t just nip down to the shop when I’ve forgotten something.  So if you are at the show  come along to stand number ZB18 & see if you can distract me long enough to fail in my challenge. See you there.