Sneak Preview of Sewing for Pleasure

I’ve just got back from the NEC after setting up the stand for the Sewing for Pleasure exhibition. It was like doing a jigsaw puzzle to get everything in the back of my car but somehow we managed it (My sister Wendy did most of it, she is very good at jigsaws). If it had been left to me I’m sure we would still be going back & forth trying to get things there.

The hall on set up day is very cold as they have the big back doors open to let vans unload so we had to keep on the move to stop from freezing. I managed to get everything there in one piece ( a miracle in itself). We had to take the legs off the dummies to get them in the car & trying to sort out which belonged to which dummy was hilarious. I think they all have the correct ones but who knows. I’m very pleased with the way the stand looks & I couldn’t wait for you to come & see it so here is a preview of what it looks like.


2015 Stand at NEC Small

The clothes at the back of the stand are made of the cut away denim & leopard skin chiffon. Some of you may remember me doing them earlier in the year. They turned out very well considering that I was making three different outfits in the same cloth. Those of you who have been in to the shop & seen the fabric but didn’t know what to do with it, I hope this gives you some ideas.

Clothes on 2015 stand at NEC Small

I can’t wait for tomorrow as opening day is always very busy. Everything is set for both my talk at 12.30pm & the four day jacket challenge. If you are coming along please pop by to say hello. You will all be welcome either on the stand or at the lecture theatre. If you happen to go to the stand whilst I’m giving my talk say hello to Wendy. Most of you will have heard me talk about her so now is your chance to meet my poor long suffering sister. She is going to make some knickers whilst I’m not around so you might have to help her out.

If you can’t make it to the show then we will try to do blogs when we get back each night so watch this space.