Sewing for Pleasure Day 2

Not a good start to the day, got stuck in traffic on the M6 then got lost in Coventry and arrived  late for the show, so once again no shopping time.

Show was not as busy as yesterday (Fridays never are) but we still had lots of enquiries on the stand. People seem to be extremely interested in the fitting courses.

Just happened to mention during my lecture about an easy way to put in tailors tacks and that if anyone was interested that I would demonstrate them on the stand. I have spent most of the afternoon demonstrating tailors tacks. I didn’t realise people paid so much attention during the lectures!

The four day jacket challenge is just about back on schedule after a rocky start. I have put the pockets in and I am just about to line in the rest of the jacket. I have put the hem of the jacket up with the instant stitch hemming tape. That stuff really saves some time.

Hopefully tomorrow we will manage to arrive early, so that I can get some shopping time in before the show opens and I have to start work on the third day of the jacket challenge. I’m hoping to get the collar on tomorrow. Let’s just see how it goes.

So if you’re at the show tomorrow do come and say hello and show us what you’ve bought.