Sewing for Pleasure Day 4

Final day of the show, the crowds not as big as previous days but we have had lots of friends popping by to say hello, it has been lovely to see you all.

Four day jacket challenge almost complete, but was scuppered by a last minute alteration I have decided to make for fitting and we had so many friendly people popping by to speak to us. There is only the hand finishing to do as you can see.

Wendy progressed to adding lace to the knickers today, not quite finished the second pair but not a bad effort!

Once the show closed we then had to take the stand down, another jigsaw headache to get everything in the car for the journey back.

We completed our shopping this morning which of course included the piece of Linton Tweed jumping into my bag. My brain is now working overtime to decide what I am going to make from it.

I will be back in the shop tomorrow, trying to catch up on all the orders that have come in whilst we have been at the NEC.