The NEC Jacket is Finished at Last

At last I’ve managed to get the jacket I was making on the Four day jacket challenge finished. I only had a bit of hand stitching & the buttonhole to do when I got home but it has been total bedlam since I got back. I’ve had lots of people who saw me at the show booking courses & the teaching schedule I set myself is very busy. We have had some new fabrics in stock & this has produced lots of orders to deal with as well. The decision over the buttons also took a very long time to make, in the end  I found these in my button stash.

   Jacket sleeve button small

I’m very pleased with the way the jacket turned out. As you may remember it is made from a reversible denim. I chose it so the panels in the jacket would be very obvious but I wasn’t really sure if the fabric would be too stiff for tailoring.

Jacket panels small

In the end it did work very well. The washable supersoft interfacing did its job & made the whole thing perfect. It was a bit risky doing a jetted pocket on this fabric as well but they have again turned out quite well despite this terrible picture.

Jacket pocket small

I also tried out some new buttonhole thread & gimp from a new supplier. Both of which worked well. I will be stocking the gimp as soon as I get the chance to order it in. Gimp is a stiffened thread which the buttonhole is worked over, this gives  a definite lift to the edge of the buttonhole. Making the buttonhole look professional.

I think on the whole it was a successful experiment if I had pushed it a bit harder I could have got it done in the four days but with so much going on I wasn’t going to rush it & make a mistake. I know some of you were following the daily blog on the progress & lots of you came to see how I was getting on. Which was the whole idea to get you involved.  I can’t wait to wear the jacket. Now I must start thinking what I can do next time I’ve got four days with nothing to do!!!