Fabric that didn’t even make it to the Stash

Well here is a surprise for you. I was at the NEC sewing for pleasure show as you know. The temptation of fabrics all around, & a problem brewing in my head. I have in the past made pyjamas for both my sister & myself. Wendy’s pyjamas she loves but mine I always have problems wearing them. I’m a bit of a wriggler in bed ( I know too much information)! during the night I wake up & the trousers are all twisted & I finish up taking them off. I like nightshirts but most of the ones you buy in the shops are of jersey fabrics & are not that pretty. So as I had plenty of time on my hands (HA HA)! My thoughts turned to this problem, & I had a eureka moment, if I took the jacket pattern from the pyjama & just lengthened it that would give me a great pattern for a nightshirt. So of course I had to go & find some fabric for this project, because I don’t have a shop full of fabric or a stash of fabric which would take me years to work my way through. I found a lovely stand which had cotton prints on it & they had this lovely fabric completely covered in owls. It was a good enough price that if the pattern didn’t work it wasn’t a disaster & a little bit of fun.

I like to ease myself back into sewing when I’ve done something like the show by doing a project which doesn’t take too much thinking about so the nightshirt experiment was just perfect. Here is the surprise, I’ve done it already. The nightshirt has turned out really well & is so comfortable to wear its great. The only thing I did which took a bit of thinking about was the pocket on the front, I matched it so you couldn’t tell where the pocket is.

Nightshirt Pocket small

It’s a quick & easy thing to make & having test driven it this week, it’s so comfortable in bed it makes me want to stay there! So a miracle has occured a piece of fabric purchased & made up in less than a month so no need for it to go into the stash. Now I’m eased in I can’t wait to get started on a new tailoring project. The stash holds lots of pieces to suit this project.