As every dressmaker knows a stash of fabric is essential. Nothing calms you down after a fraught day at work like stroking fabric. Keeping fabric in a drawer, cupboard , wardrobe or a whole room to itself costs nothing to keep & doesn’t eat anything. It provides insulation for the house & makes you very happy when you see it. As obsessions go it is a very mild one to have.

These are all things that students & customers have said to me in the past, as an excuse for buying another piece of fabric they couldn’t live without. I don’t think you need an excuse to buy fabric because you don’t want it you NEED it.  I like most of you have my large stash all around the house in various cupboards boxes etc. I didn’t realise how bad my addiction had become until last week. I heard that a redundant stock of silk dupion was available so I thought I would go along & have a look to see what colours were available. I was intending to buy a few rolls for stock in the shop. As soon as I saw the fabrics I knew I wouldn’t be able to choose what I wanted & despite trying my best I finished up buying the whole stock. We got it back to the shop at 8.15pm & I had to tear myself away from it. The temptation to start sorting it out was almost overwhelming. My more sensible side took over & as I was teaching up in Sheffield the next day I left the silk in the shop as we delivered it. I couldn’t wait to get into work on Thursday morning. So at 8.15am I arrived, there were so many orders waiting that I just had time to pick up the rolls which had fallen over & take off the plastic coverings from the other rolls & put them into bins around the shop to stop them going all over the place. So it was Friday before I got the chance to really look at the silk. OOOOOH! How much fun can one person have.

Silk 4 small Silk 2 small silk 1 small

We now have over fifty different colours of silk dupion in the shop. The photos show just some of them. Some of the rolls only have a few metres left on them but it is all perfect beautiful silk. Am I the worst fabricaholic out? I don’t even buy my fabric by the metre it has to come by the roll. Even now I haven’t decided which one I like the best & not a clue as to what I would make if I could decide.

You can make just about anything you could name from silk dupion including, with the correct interlining jackets. If you have a stash of open woven tweeds to make the classic Chanel style jackets this silk makes a perfect backing to quilt on. Of course the obvious thing to make would be an evening dress, get ahead & get your fabric for that special dress for Christmas or  New Year.

Now here is your chance to buy some of my shop stash for yourself. On Friday 15th & 22nd May & 5th June I’m opening the shop for a sale from 10-4. I’m selling the silk off at £14.95 per mtr for these three days. After that it will go on to the website selling at £19.95 per mtr. I hoping to sell quite a lot of it on the sale days as photographing & putting all the details on the website is going to take forever. So come along & help me out. You really do need some more fabric!!