Tidy up your workroom

I have decided to stop selling some dress patterns from stock. You will still be able to buy Burda patterns from stock & I will have a Vogue pattern book for you to choose from but I will have to order them in for you. Most of my students & customers come in with a pattern already. Usually having bought them with the half price offer that the pattern companies have in their magazine. This is something I can’t compete with & I don’t blame anyone for using this offer, the patterns are very expensive so any discount you can get is great. By getting rid of the pattern stock I can make some room in the shop. I will be able get another rack in to get more fabrics in stock.  I  now only have two pattern cabinets for sale.

The two cabinets have four drawers but the drawers have five divisions inside. These cabinets measure 76cms wide X 107cms High X 64cms Deep.

inside four drawer cabinet Four draw cabinet small

You could take the divisions out of the drawers with a bit of persuasion & store lots of sewing haberdashery in them as well as your patterns. A chance to sort out everything & file it tidily in one place.

I’m selling these cabinets for £50 each & you will have to arrange for them to be transported yourself. They will be sold first come first served & I want them out of the way as soon as possible. So if you are interested give me a call on 0116 2606767.

These cabinets have now sold.