Making Time To Sew

I’m always being asked how I find time to sew. Well I’m a bit weird (those of you who know me don’t need to be told that!) I get up an hour before I need to every morning so I can sew before I go to work. It starts my day off relaxed & happy. It’s surprising how much you can get done in three quarters of an hour of sewing. That is if you are as lucky as me & have a sewing room where you can just shut the door on the mess & not have to pack away every time you have finished sewing.

The other thing that makes me get on with what ever it is I’m sewing is a deadline. If I don’t have anything I need the garment for I tend to start things & then move on to something else before I finish the first job. I’m at the moment making a suit ready for the Autumn, but of course that isn’t urgent so I keep making things before I’ve finished it.

I did decide a couple of weeks ago to make myself a dress for the Hampton Court Palace flower show. We went a couple of years ago & it was so hot I had nothing really suitable & comfortable to wear, so this time I was going to be prepared. I fished out an old pattern I’ve had for years & used the wonderful rose printed crepe de chine we have recently had in the shop. I thought roses were appropriate for a flower show. I only got the fabric in the shop because I liked it.  I set to & made the dress you see below.  The fabric makes up beautifully & as you can see it drapes perfectly. I didn’t realise when the photo was taken just how much I blended in with this display.

Michelle at Hampton court Palace Flower show small

The high waist on this dress made it really cool to wear, as yet again the temperature rocketed to 27 degrees, not quite as hot as it was two years ago but hot enough thank you. I had a great weekend away feeling very comfortable in my new dress. I put it in the washing machine as soon as I got back & didn’t even have to iron it afterwards. So altogether a great project fantastic fabric which behaved perfectly & a comfy dress for hot days.