Bossom Buddies

I have just spent a wonderful weekend teaching these ladies how to make bras. Working weekends is not my favourite thing to do but the Bra Making Weekend is a fantastic course & ladies who are coming from a long way away from Leicester find it good to do the two bra making courses together. Of course when you get such a delightful group together it makes giving up your weekend off a pleasure.

This photo was taken at the end of the Saturday session. they had all finished their sample bras & one of them put it on over their top as a joke  & all the others followed suit. Superman eat your heart out! The cameras soon came out & I spent a while taking photos with everyone’s cameras & phones. Such companionship considering they all only met each other at 10am!

You can see just how quickly you can put together a bra even if you have never made one before. On Sunday I showed them how to make alterations to the patterns & we did some samples of more advanced techniques. The whole class finished up indulging in the other thing we sewers like to do, expanding our stash.

I have found that quite a few ladies like to stay in touch with one another once the courses are over. I have a couple of ladies who met in Sheffield a couple of weeks ago who are getting together to come down to my open morning on 15th August, and another couple who met on a tailoring course a couple of years ago who arranged to meet up again on a bra making weekend earlier this year.

So coming on my course not only gives you more knowledge on our favourite subject but you meet lots of lovely like minded ladies who could become firm friends.

I’ve just published a new date for the Bra Making Weekend, Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th November. This will be the last one this year so if you want to make your own bras & possibly makes friends book now.