The Only Way to Shoot a Lion

Last weekend I spent all weekend doing nothing to do with sewing. I was using up my birthday present. Apart from my love of sewing I have a passion for going to zoos & taking photos of wildlife. I have been all over the country to different zoos to try to get good photos. On Sunday I spent the day at the Isle of wight Zoo on a photography course. Those of you who know me will know that I’m not very good with animals to touch so this may come as a bit of a surprise to you. I finished up in the enclosure with the lemurs. They were just a few inches from me, and that was only the warm up.

Lemur 2small Lemur 1 Small

Karen-Jane Dudley who runs the course spends half the year in South Africa where she is involved in a project rescuing white lions. At the zoo is one of her rescue lions called Casper. He is the most magnificent creature you could ever want to see. He is 221kgs of solid muscle. If you haven’t been to a zoo recently the health & safety rules are such that there is a wire fence around the enclosure then about 8 feet of space then another lower fence which you have to stand behind. On this course we were allowed to stand inbetween the two fences & rest our cameras on the bars of the enclosure meaning that we were literally 6 inches from the king of the jungle. It was one of the most thrilling things I have ever done.  Karen-Janes instructions for taking photos were done in English not photographers speak. So for once I took my camera off auto. Here are some of the results.

Casper 2 small

When I first knew about the course on my birthday the only thing I wanted out of it was to get a picture of a tiger without bars obscuring  it. I think I achieved this & so much more.

Aisha 1 small

Anyone who comes on a course or in to the shop in the next few weeks is going to be sick of hearing about & seeing photos from this adventure. Be warned when you say you want to see the photos for this day there are over 350 to look at & I’ll be happy to show you each & everyone. What a fantastic Birthday present!