Piping a Summer Dress

The Summer dress is finished & has been worn whilst away on my holiday last week. I thought you might like to see the finished product &  the piping stage of the making up.

When I do piping I like to use the finest piping cord I can find. The one pictured here is Austrian blind cord. I like this because it has a smoother finish than traditional piping cord. It was just lying around in my workshop at home &  I’d forgotten to bring anything else home with me  so I used it. ( as with everything I sew for myself there is no planning done beforehand)

Piping cord small

Just as with traditional piping cord this one needs to be shrunk before using it. I just steam this before putting it in to the fabric. Make sure when you do piping that the fabric you cut is at a 45% angle or it can pucker. I usually cut the strips 1 1/2″ wide. This can be cut down later but it is easier to work with a slightly wider piece. I wrap the strip around the cord & then sew close but not too close to the cord. If you sew right up to the cord you can sometimes see it when you attach it to the garment.


Then I stitch it to the garment as close as possible to the cord. You can see from the photograph the distance between the two rows.

Piping stitched small

Piping is one of the jobs I really like to do & as you can see from the finished dress I piped anything that didn’t move. The dress is very comfortable. It’s a shame that I left the sewing of this dress so late in the Summer. Lets just hope that it still fits next summer!