Using Up Left Over Fabric.

Do you hate wasting fabric? I get really upset if I think I’ve wasted just a few inches. You may remember a few weeks ago I made in a rush a summer dress for my holiday. I used a piece of turquoise fabric out of my stash for the piping. I thought this was fantastic as I do like to use up the stash as well. I wore the dress on holiday & was very pleased with the results.

When I got back from my holiday I realised that I had a piece of fabric left with a very strange shape at the end where I had cut all the bias strips for the piping. I then had to decide what to do with the rest. I did have some very small pieces of the dress fabric left over so here is the shirt I created using leftovers.

The intense colour of the turquoise was a bit strong. So I cut my favourite shirt edging to soften the colour. This edging is a twist on a bias edging which I teach on the Sample Collection I- Perfect shirts course. It can be done so you can’t see the edging but I thought this made the shirt special.

I’m sure you will be glad to know that I have now used up all the turquoise & spotted fabric. That means another one to tick off my stash list. The only problem is I have three more to add to it!!!