I was clearing our my workroom last weekend. I know, I’m never going to be able to find anything again. I seem to have acquired a lot of carrier bags at one end of the room, so it was quite exciting to see what was in them.  I’m sure they breed once you put two down together!  Inside a few of them were UFO’s (unfinished outfits, to you & me). Some of them I did remember & had been trying to ignore. One rather large carrier bag I had forgotten completely  I started a short Winter coat for my sister two Christmas’s ago. I like a project to do over the holidays so I usually cut something out & then finish it during the time off. In my defence I did cut this out & started to apply the fusibles. I’m using the Washable Supersoft as the main interfacing.  When she decided that she wanted a fur lined hood. as it was the Christmas holidays there was nowhere open selling fur fabric. The coat was put to one side & there it has stayed.

Coat materials 2 small

We did go & buy some fur for the hood after Christmas & that was in the carrier bag too. So I’m at last going to make this coat up. It is a royal blue pure wool coating which was bought years ago in a fabric sale. The coat is going to be a posh duffle coat. some of you may have very good memories & remember my grey duffle coat with a reversible fabric. Well it’s the same pattern. I’m running the Winter Coat course starting next Monday so I’m going to use this coat as my sample. Hopefully I will get quite a lot done to it on the course & I’ve promised to get it finished by the end of October. As usual when I do the Winter Coat course the sun is blazing through the shop window & a heavy coat is the last thing you want to wear. I’ll keep you informed of the progress of the coat. You never know I might be able to persuade Wendy to model it when it’s done.

Have you got any UFO’s in your cupboard?