5 Main Reasons to Make Your Own Bras.

5 Main Reasons for making your own Bras.

I’ve been making my own bras now for getting on for 20 years. I fell into bra making by accident. My Mum had a mastectomy & couldn’t get a bra to fit her which didn’t make her look as if she just had a mass in front of her instead of two breasts. I made her bras up to the day she died & she said she had never had such comfortable bras in her life. So I decided to make one for me. Up until the point where my first made bra had to go in to the wash I never realised how uncomfortable shop bought bras were. Without realising it I was pulling up straps every 10mins & pulling down the front of the bra every time I moved. The bras I wore had been fitted in a shop just for me but afterwards I realised that shop assistants can only fit you in to the sizes available.

So the first reason for making your own.


The vast majority of women are wearing the wrong size bra. This is a fact that bra manufacturers always bandy about with percentages up to 97% of us wearing the wrong size. Well this may be true but not always down to any fault of our own. With experience of making bras I know that my bra size is actually 35 B 1/2 cup. As you all know you can’t get a 35 band so I was suck with either one too tight or too loose. & a half cup size definitely does not exist. If you make your own you can do both of these things. I had also not had an underwire bra for years as they were always very uncomfortable. I now always wear underwired bras although you can make them without wires.

Wearing a bra all day can be a problem, here is the second reason for you to make your own.


Whilst teaching bra making I have come across lots of different sizes of ladies. Large cup sizes always think they have the monopoly on bras not fitting but ladies with very small cups have the same problem. Most ladies tell me that they can’t wait to get there bras off after a day’s work. I don’t know that I have my bras on. Also a common problem with bras is that the strap digs in to your shoulder leaving ridges. This is a sure sign that the bra does not fit. The band of a bra should be the bit that gives you support, if the band doesn’t fit then it will ride up & the straps have to take over & that’s what causes the ridges. (You can get rid of these ridges when you wear one that fits).

Some of the bras you buy can cost a fortune so the third reason to make your own


The cost to have a bra made to fit you can cost up to £600. I have heard of off the peg bras being £150. The vast majority of bras cost between £25- £30. When I make my own it costs about £7 per bra. Just think of all the extra bras you can have when you only pay £7 per bra. I’m guilty of making them all the time & have been known to have up to 30 bras at any one time in my lingerie drawer. All of them different. It only takes small amounts of fabric & trimmings to make a bra so you can use up lots of bits of fabrics by making your own bras.

Fourth reason to make your own


How many times have you wanted a pink bra to go under a dress or a pretty lace bra to make you feel special? Well by making your own you can have just what you like when you like. At English Couture we have a large range of fabrics & elastics etc. for making bras. We stock the best quality fabrics & laces you can buy. Which means your bra will be the best quality you can get & last a long time. The cups of a bra can be made from any fabric you can think of but the cradle & wings need to stretch to provide the support. Most of the bits & pieces can also be dyed if you can’t find the exact colour you need.

How long does this take?

Reason Five to make your own


This is the question I’m asked all the time. Your first bra will probably take around six hours to complete. My bra making course runs from 10am – 4pm. Once you know what you are doing & have had some practice you can make a bra in about one hour twenty minutes. So it is quicker for me to make a bra than it is to drive into town go into the shops & drive back. I don’t have the frustration of not getting the colour, style or fit either. It takes longer to make the decision about colour, lace etc. than the making up time.

So what are you waiting for? If you have had some experience of dressmaking (this course is not for beginners). Book on to my Bra Making courses now.

Warning making bras can become addictive!!!

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