Morning Sky

I thought if you didn’t get this sight this morning you might like to share it.

I woke up this morning to quite a dull damp but fairly warm day. Just an ordinary day. I went about getting the day started just like most of you breakfast, shower getting dressed etc. Then I drew the  curtains in my bedroom & here is the sight that greeted me.

Morning sky 2


All of a sudden the ordinary day was a fantastic day. Fortunately I had my camera at hand as I’d cleared up at the weekend for visitors & I put my camera in my bedroom out of the way. I know according to folk law a beautiful sky like this in the morning means bad weather later on in the day but for the 15mins this sky lasted I will take the bad weather later on. I just hope the bad weather doesn’t involve snow! If you don’t believe in superstition then just enjoy the sight.

I hope this helps to brighten your day. Now back to work!

I’ve just looked at this post as it appears on the website & you may have noticed we have snow on the website so it looks as if it is already snowing. Now that sort of snow I do like!