Making a Winter Coat

Making a Winter Coat can seem like a  mountain to climb when you are faced with the pattern & fabric & no clue how to proceed. This was the problem that faced Cate, one of my students. She had been sewing for years for herself but had never done any tailoring. Cate had seen a fantastic coat she liked very much but the cost of the coat was amazing considering the simplicity of the design. We found a pattern which was similar to the coat & made a couple of toilles to get it right. Cate had bought some lovely herringbone tweed whilst on holiday in Itay. She got this wonderful wool for an absolute bargain. All of the other INGREDIENTS she bought at English Couture.

Cate booked on to the Make a Winter Coat course in October & so on the first day she set to work.  Final fittings on the toille were made. Then cutting out.  All the interfacings were applied (some of these she took home to finish off). Then we got to work on making up the coat, on the second day. Joining all the pieces up. One thing she had never done was putting in pockets. With the herringbone fabric that needed matching on the welt pocket. What do you think to this for a first attempt?

Cates Pocket Small

The facings & lining were attached on the third day. The lapel is part of this process this being the first stage of applying the collar.

Day four saw the collar in place & the start of the sleeves.

On the final day the sleeves were completed & the hand finishing was started along with the buttonholes. Cate did take the coat home with a bit of hand sewing to do. She worked really hard all week finishing things off at night to keep up with the course but by 9pm on the Friday evening she had her finished coat .

Cates coat small

This picture is not a very good one as it was taken on a dummy & not the person it was made for. When we added up the cost of the course & all the materials we found out that it had cost about half of the price of the coat she had seen in the shops & it was of better quality & fitted perfectly. Cate has had lots of comments about this coat & it looks wonderful on her. I am running the Winter Coat course twice this year as I’ve had lots of requests to do it. The first one is at the end of April & the second in October.

Make this year the year you make that beautiful coat you have been promising yourself.

If you have made something either on my courses or as a result of the courses let me know so I can show everyone else what you can achieve.