Charles Frederick Worth

I’ve been working really hard on a presentation for the next Dressmakers Day Out. It has been a magical process which I have enjoyed from start to almost the finish. (It’s not quite done yet). I’ve been working on the story of Charles Frederick Worth an incredible man who came from nothing, sent away by his mother at the age of 12  & he became known as the father of haute couture. It is a fascinating story & I have had a ball studying the beautiful gowns he created in the late 18o0’s . His beautiful details & innovative designs were worn by ladies from all over the world. Bear in mind there was no internet or TV to promote his designs. So all the promotion was done from his studio in Paris. I have discovered who helped him to achieve this & how he became the first to do so many things we take for granted these days.

I will be presenting this story at the Dressmakers Day Out on Thursday 11th February. The day starts at 10am with coffee & biscuits & lunch is also included in the price. You will  get the chance to ask any burning question about dressmaking & tailoring you have ever wanted to know. I give you the chance to shop as well. What could be better. A relaxing day out with like minded people & the chance to shop! I’ve had the day described as a spa day for sewers. The full details & the chance to book this day are here.

I hope you can make it as it is one of my favourite courses. You don’t need to be able to sew to come either. I’ve had ladies who have had no experience in sewing & professional dressmakers all come to the course. All of them say they have had a great day out.