Preparing Yourself for Sewing

I was sent this article the other day  by one of my students.

Now I realise that most of you obey this advise to the letter but I thought you might like to know how it works in my house. I wake up with a great idea for a jacket, dress, bra, knickers or what ever happens to pop in to my head. This is my idea of mentally preparing myself for sewing.

Breakfast is swallowed at the fastest speed I can manage, a quick shower, pull on the nearest clothes I can find. Then its in to the workroom. I have to confess, a dishwasher takes care of the dirty pots & other household chores are not even on the radar. Dust will still be there when I’ve finished my sewing, in fact I will probably add to it by sewing so there’s no point in dusting before you sew. The hoovering has to wait until I’ve finished as my workroom is at the bottom of the stairs & when I run up to the bathroom on occasion the threads fall off on to the stair carpet.

I don’t really care what I look like when I’m creating, so putting on a clean dress & make up does not happen. My clothes would always be clean & I would put a quick brush through my hair, but that’s as far as it goes.

Any visitors who know me well would never turn up without ringing first. They never know what mess they will face if they don’t. I have to sew until I get the idea working or near to how I imagined it in the first place.

Enjoying my sewing is never disturbed by anything . Who on their deathbed ever said I wish I’d washed up those pots or dusted that room. I’m sure on my deathbed I will probably be saying I can’t go yet I’ve not finished my outfit!

Whatever you are making just get on & enjoy it that’s what sewing is all about. Now I need to get on with the jacket I’ve just started.