Day One at the NEC 2016

The Sewing for Pleasure show has opened at the NEC and the Parka Coat challenge has started.

Today the show was very busy, so progress on the coat is very slow. I have completed the hood including piping, see the picture below. (The photos are not up to the usual standard as they were taken on my phone).


Now the main construction will start some of the interfacings have been applied and I am really pleased with the way the fabric is making up as it is a few years since I worked with shower proof fabric. Lots of ladies have stopped by to see the coat progress & all agree the fabric is sensational.

I am hoping to get the pockets made up and attached tomorrow it has been great seeing so many of you and catching up with old friends throughout the day. We have met a large number of ladies who I hope will become our friends in the future.

One thing which really surprised me was that someone asked if I had the jacket I made on last years’ challenge with me. Well the answer was no as I didn’t think A) that anyone would remember what I did last year or B) that anyone would want to see it. So I am going to take the jacket with me tomorrow & it will be there until the end of the show, so if you are interested to see the jacket please ask. Sorry to the lady who asked today.

If you are here tomorrow don’t forget to come by and say hello and also show us the fabrics you have purchased. If you need advice on the type of interfacing to use just bring the fabric along and I will help you.

The hand lotion is on the stand for the last time, so if you are interested come and try it and purchase before stock runs out. See you all soon.