Day Three at the NEC 2016

Day three of the show over, today apart from catching up with friends we met lots of people with varying skill levels who were really interested in getting into or back into sewing.

The showerproof coat fabric is making up really easy, the only thing I have found is that it doesn’t like hand stitching on to itself. So I have put the hem up using the instant stitch hemming tape & it has worked a treat. No stitches to be seen or marks from the tape. The Parka Coat is now fully lined and I am in the process of attaching the hood fingers crossed I will be able to complete the challenge before the show closes tomorrow evening.


Walking from the car park this morning was entertaining, lots of people bumped into storm troopers and various other characters as the Comic Con show opened today. There is also a photography show on.

So if you fancy a family day out tomorrow, there are various shows on here at the NEC to keep most people amused for the day. See you there!