Day Four at the NEC show 2016

Sorry this post didn’t get published last night but it was very late when we got home after taking the stand down & delivering it all back to the shop.

The Sewing for Pleasure show at the NEC has now closed.

The good news is that I managed to complete the challenge and I have a new Parka coat to wear.

Today we met some very enthusiastic people wanting to either start sewing, existing sewers who want to learn new techniques or to get back into sewing after years of not having time to sew and to brush up on their skills.

Throughout the last four days, it has been good to see so many people getting excited about sewing their own clothes.

During the last three days Wendy has made two pairs of knickers whilst I ate my lunch (it was only over three days as she forgot to take the materials on the first day of the show!). I think she has done a great job, what do you think?


So now we are back to normal Wendy has gone back to her day job  for a rest and I will be preparing to go to Sheffield on Wednesday to teach the Born Again Dressmaker course & fitting bra’s.