Easter Holidays

I spent a fantastic Easter weekend doing just what I wanted. After being at the NEC for the whole of the weekend before I decided that I was going to kick back & take a break. This of course involved sewing. I was talking to a customer who said that she had a mass cutting out session of all the things she wanted to make & then made them up. Now I’m of the opinion that if I do this I tend not to finish some of the projects, so I try to cut out one thing, get it finished & then move on. The only time I’ve done mass cutting out was when I ordered my last sewing machine & had to wait a few days for delivery. Now that was a sewing weekend!!

Anyway, to get back to the Easter weekend. It turned in to a making nightwear session. My sister Wendy as some of you will know is 5 feet 9 inches tall, to get pyjamas from the shops to fit her is impossible, so for quite a number of years I have been making her p j’s. As the years have gone on the fabric for them has got progressively more stupid. So when this fabric came to light at the show it was a must.

P J Fabric

Everyone has pyjamas with sea creatures dressed as pirates! I made these up in no time. I love making nightwear as you cover so many different techniques. I always recommend a beginner to make pyjamas as it is a good exercise & if it’s not perfect then who cares you aren’t going to wear them to a black tie event.

Then I cut out a shirt, again for Wendy from the georgeous new blue striped shirting we have just had in the shop. My efforts were soon curtailed as I discovered that despite having a drawer full of threads there wasn’t a single reel of pale blue cotton to be seen. So I thought I would cut out the lilac striped fabric (again new to the shop).Which had jumped into my bag last week. I’m not a fan of pyjamas & instead like to wear night shirts. I use the same pattern as the pj’s top but just make it about 8” longer so it comes just above my knee.

Nightshirt collar

Some of you may remember me making the owl version of this pattern. I do have a thing about matching the pockets so you don’t disrupt the pattern. Even if the pattern you are matching is a shark dressed as a pirate captain.

I got almost to the end of making this up & discovered that I didn’t have any buttons to match. So yet again I had to stop. So I cut out a top in some really nice lingerie satin from my stash. I’ve made this up before so didn’t have to do any fittings.

I’m still in the process of finishing the weekends sewing as I now have all the things I need. (If only I’d used the planning sheet I designed for you last year). As you can see the pyjamas are finished & being worn.

Wendy's pj small

My nightshirt is also finished. This fabric is silky smooth wonderful cotton & I can’t wait to wear it. The other two items are in the process of being made. I have to say that I quite enjoyed moving from one to the other without having to stop to cut out. So maybe this is the way of getting a few things done all at once. Perhaps I might even make an indent on my stash!!