A model for our Boxers

You know when you’ve had a really busy day & you get home & all you want to do is sit with a glass of something with your feet up. Then another job comes up & you can’t do that. Well yesterday was one of those days for me. So just for your sake I rallied around & did the last job. It was a hard one to do but someone had to do it!

You may remember at the beginning of the week I made boxer shorts to celebrate Leicester City becoming the football premier league champions. At the time I did promise that I would have a male model to wear them well last night he did. Now I had to try out several different settings on the camera just to get the perfect picture. I think you can still make out the embroidery on the shorts!

Ian Boxers 3 small

Now if Gary Lineker looked this good in boxers we would all be glued to MOTD!

Anyway to move on don’t forget that tomorrow Saturday 7th May is our open day. The shop is full to bursting with new fabrics & trimmings. The Pheasant House fabrics are beautiful made from all sorts of natural fibres including cashmere angora & lambswool. Some of the rolls only have a couple of metres on them, once the fabric has gone that’s it, so get here early. Vogue patterns are on a half price offer (I will have to order then in). I will also be raising money for Breast Cancer Reaserch by selling old patterns. I have been given some old Vogue designer patterns from as far back as the 60s + some other patterns as well mainly from the 80s, I have also sorted out some Burda pattern magazines that I don’t need any more. I will be baking a Leicester City blue cake this evening & that will be available along with tea & coffee to help you make up your mind about which fabric to buy. The shop window is still decorated for the football & the boxers have pride of place in the middle. I can’t promise that the model will be here but he does live about 5mins walk from the shop so you never know who will go by!!!

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow. For those of you who can’t make it, I have started to put the fabrics on the website if you want to get in first.