Using the stash as a reward

Well today is a typical Sunday here. Lots of jobs to do in the house & outside. The gardening jobs were out of the question as it was raining on & off. (I’m a very keen fair weather gardener) So all morning we were dusting, hoovering & tidying. I even managed to get a line of washing out for at least an hour before it started to rain. I really hate doing the housework as it all seems such a waste of time as next week it will all want doing again! We made a list of jobs which were the most urgent & slowly worked our way through them. I find putting lots of little jobs on a list & ticking them off as you do them makes you think you have achieved a lot. The only thing which kept me going was knowing that after I’d cooked Sunday lunch I could have an hour in my sewing room.
Like most dressmakers I have a stash, correction I have two stashes. One of them is for general fabric everything from suitings to cottons & everything inbetween & the other one for lingerie fabrics. Now this started off as a very small collection of bits & pieces when I first started to teach the bra making course a few years ago. I didn’t have English Couture then, so I was buying bits from anywhere I could find it. As you can see from the photo it has grown a bit since then!

I’m trying out all sorts of different experiments using up lace. I have up until now been putting the lace as a straight edge across the top cup. This uses up quite a lot of small bits of lace, which is great but if you have a lace with a great scallop you need a bit more space to show it off. I’ve used this piece of lace which came as a piece inside a bundle I bought for the shop last year. I couldn’t sell it as it had holes in it & most of the edge had been used. (Good excuse for keeping it, I hear you cry)! I made up the front half of my cup & then placed the lace with the scallop down the middle of the cup. As long as you don’t go passed the apex of the cup you can just lay this on flat with no shaping.




The fabric for the bra was quite a heavyweight stretch satin again from the stash this too was a faulty piece from about 15 years ago. I felt two layers of it would be too thick for a nice bra so I’ve lined the inside with cotton lawn. I think for the Summer having a cotton lining to a bra might be quite nice.

Of course I got carried away with the beautiful lace & had to have it on the centre front of the band as well. Then I came to putting the elastics, strappings etc. on to the bra. Oops! this is where things went a bit wrong. The only thing I had in my stash, (the drawers you can see at the back of my stash photo is the trimmings stash) was underwire casing. So my bra experiment will have to wait until that lovely shop English Couture Company opens again tomorrow. I know they will have everything I need in the pale blue colour to match perfectly!
Oh well that means I will have to do the only job left on the list which was to mend a picture frame which I broke last week at the shop when I opened a window to let in some fresh air & it got blown down the stairs.