Padded Bra Making

One of the questions I’m always asked on bra making courses is can we make padded bras? Well the answer is yes but not the moulded cups that the manufacturers use. These cups are made by heat or sound moulding. These bras don’t fit in the way a personalised bra does. They just provide a place to fit your boobs in & the cup does the rest. It really doesn’t matter if you fill the cup as it is so structured it stays by itself.

I’ve always shown ladies how to make a padded lower cup on my advanced bra making course. This is great to provide support even in the largest cup sizes but I’ve not really done fully padded bras up to now. I like working with the bra padding as it doesn’t move & if you cut it correctly, it works every time. The shape of the bra just seems to appear as if by magic right in front of your eyes. There are several ways to put together the padding for the bra & I have been working my way through quite a lot of alternatives. This seems to be the most successful to date.

This experiment is still in very early stages but I thought you might like to see how I’m progressing. The idea being to teach a course on it in the future.

Padded bra cup experiment

The other bra making course I’ve been asked about is a make the wardrobe of your dreams – bra making. This would probably be a 3 day course where you can come & perfect the fit of your bra & then make as many bras in whatever style you want whilst you are here. Let me know what you think to either of these courses. The new date for the Autumn Bra Making Weekend is now available.