Does Lace go With Everything?

Does lace go with everything? This is a question I asked a group of students a couple of weeks ago. Yes, was the answer I got, which was just the answer I was looking for, as I too believe that it does. I use lace all the time obviously making lingerie & nightwear I do use lace a lot, but I’ve been trying it out on quite a few different projects & I thought you would like to see just one of them.

In the shop we have lots of different fabrics as you can see & at the end of the rolls we usually have a piece left which is always less than a metre & I put these bits in to the remnants bin. One piece which was in there for a while was this piece of poly/cotton fabric which my sister really liked when the roll came in. ecf146 SMALLThe piece was only about 70cms long so I couldn’t make the shirt that she really wanted. I also had a piece of lace fabric which was only about 40cms long. I set to work on a top. The pattern for the top I made from a top that Wendy really liked but it wore out, it literally had holes in it she had worn it so much. I altered it a bit to acommodate her personal fittings. The front & back panels were too long to fit on to the cotton fabric So I cut the side front, side back & sleeves out of the fabric along with as much of the centre front panel as possible. The top of the front panel I cut in the lace using the scalloped edge on the top of the cotton panel. So it looked like a seperate yoke.

I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the back panel so I cut it in lace. Now anyone who is daring enough didn’t need to cut a backing for the lace but knowing Wendy I knew she wouldn’t wear the top with just lace & so I cut the panel in cotton lawn as well. The back looks great.

Wendy Blouse back

I also used the plain cotton lawn for the edges of the top. I gave her the top as part of her birthday present. She is delighted with it & it has hardly been off her back since. Not bad for using up leftover fabrics.

So next time you go in to a shop & see a piece of fabric you just have to have even though you know it’s not big enough to do what you really want, just buy it along with a piece of lace.