My Suit is Finished

I’ve been working on & off on this suit for about 6 weeks. As you all know I’m OK when it comes to jackets & this one was completed in about 4 days. When it comes to skirts I seem to get a bit lost. It’s deciding what style to make that takes the time. I did try a different style in practice fabric but the style looked wrong with this jacket (thank goodness it was in another fabric)!

As you can see from the picture, this fabric was rather interesting.


The pattern was only on the outside & made quilting in the traditional way, out of the question. Just putting rows of quilting would have ruined the fabric. so this is what the inside of the jacket looks like. I quilted around the pattern. As you can see I used silk dupion as the lining, not only does it feel fantastic when you wear it, but it is the only support in the jacket. There are no interfacings in this style of jacket made in the original way, Chanel made them.


The beautiful bright pink false facings are in one of the hand woven suitings we have in the shop. (This one is sold out now, you have to be quick with my fabrics)! This is edged with a piping cord again in the shop.

Eventually I decided on the style of the skirt & made Dior pleats at the bottom. The advantage of these pleats is you don’t have to try & press really heavyweight fabrics into the pleat, as the back of it is a separate piece. I put the contrast inside so you just get a flash of the colour when I walk.

I’m really looking forward to wearing this suit now the weather has become a bit more as it should be in Autumn.