Our Christmas Day Tradition

In our house we have a tradition which dates back since before I was born that on Christmas day we dress up. No, not fancy dress, just best clothes. So as I’ve managed to finish all my Secrets Santa will deliver on Christmas Eve I thought I would set to work & make myself a nice top for the big day.  I really like this fabric which I have in the shop. It’s a polyester satin with 3% elastane so it has a bit of give in it. I have it in two colours but I though the red would be seasonal. The pattern is a current Vogue pattern which I bought when it was on half price offer.


The main part of the shirt went together without much of a hitch but now time is getting short the other bits seem to be causing a few problems. As I’ve said before I get up one hour earlier than is necessary every morning so I can sew before I come in to work. (I know SAD). So yesterday morning I set to, to make up the cuffs for the top. They are quite deep cuffs so I’m using Fine Sheer Fusible interfacing over the whole thing. When they are made up that means I will have two layers of interfacing giving them the body they need.


As this fabric is fine I have made the opening with a bound placket opening instead of the usual placket opening I use on cotton shirts. With the usual opening you can’t go wrong with the cuff placement but with a bound one there are a few things that can go wrong. I managed to fold in the back of the placket so when the cuff was stitched on the cuff did up backwards. I couldn’t do anything but take the whole thing off & start again. So much for getting things done quickly. I still have to make up my mind on buttons. I will have a look in the button tin at home first to see if there are any in there. I don’t know about you but there are always hundreds of buttons in the tin but if you want 6 there will be 5 even if you get all of them out. If all else fails, I’ll put press studs on it until after Christmas.  I know I’ve got some of them. This morning I’ve managed to get to the final hand stitching which shouldn’t take too long once I have my feet up after I’ve finished cooking later on today for all our guests coming over Christmas.christmas-top

I hope you have got all your projects finished.