New Year Resolutions.

Do you always start the year off full of good intentions? Well my New Year resolution for years has always to use up more fabric from my stash than I buy. Most years it does just about even out. I do have a very good excuse & that is that I have to buy fabric for the shop & if I don’t try it out I can’t tell my customers how it makes up! Talking of which, I managed to get finished on Christmas day about 2 hours before our guests arrived the top I was talking about in the last post. I was very pleased with it & the fabric is very comfortable to wear. I’ve put it in the wash & it came out like new.


This year the same resolution applies but I’m also on a clearing up spree. After reading an article in a magazine over the Christmas break I’m trying to tidy up all the places in my house which are used as a dumping ground. It said that if you just tackle one bit of the mess at a time it’s not such a daunting task, so my sister & I have got to work on our untidy home. I know it’s only 5th January, but we’ve done a 20 mins tiding up session each, every day so far. Two shelves in my workroom at home are clean & tidy + the shelf under the cutting table has been started on. Several drawers in the rest of the house are also not overflowing any more. Our dining table has only a table cloth on it. We’ve also cleaned out our wardrobes, getting rid of any clothes we no longer use. And the washing & ironing are under control. Are you impressed yet? The intention is to clean out the rest of the house & then start on the garage!!! That will be the biggest job of all, but if we tackle it bit by bit we should do it by about this time next year.

Now back to my plans for the stash. I must decide what I’m going to make before we have any more fabric in the shop. A couple of years ago I created a form for you so you can decide on trimmings needed for your project  click here to take you to the page so you can get organised too. I’ll let you know if I ever use up all of my stash or get a tidy house & garage.