Using Up the Stash

New Year is the time for using up the stash. So I’ve been busy over the holidays & ever since. I managed to perfect the padded bra pattern I’ve been working on for myself. So two very comfortable bras later, I’m a happy bunny. Doing this has given me more information ready for the new padded bra course. The lace on this bra is a damaged piece of ECF146 that I put into my lingerie stash so I wouldn’t sell it by accident. It is a very unusual colour which is why I bought it for the shop in the first place.

20170112_081402_resized 20170112_081423_resized

I’ve finished two tops. First the soft one which I’ve shown you on the last post & a shirt I started as a demonstration piece for the Sample Collection I course. I have worn it a couple of times so it’s now residing in the wash hence the reason for not having a photo to show you. I use the White & Blue shirting fabric, with the contrast of blue & white shirting fabric for this.

I was left on my own for an afternoon during the break & so I put my time to good use & made up a pair of trousers using the stretch poly/wool which is a fantastic fabric we have in many colours. It makes up with no problems is very easy to wear & I just put it in the washing machine when it needs it. It’s amazing how quickly you can make something up when you know the pattern is going to fit.

Finally, I’ve started work on a skirt for myself & a dress for my sister. This is a pattern which was in the Burda magazine just before Christmas as you can see from the picture is has a contrast band going across the skirt. The dress is cut with bands going right through the bodice. It’s  a sleeveless dress & we thought it would be a good dress for work.


I used 1.5mtrs of each fabric to get both the dress & the skirt out. It is the birds eye tweed a new fabric we had in 3 colours before Christmas.

Now you would think with all that sewing my stash would have shrunk by quite a lot. NO, apart from a piece of lining which I had in my lining stash & the piece of lace in the lingerie stash both of which don’t count towards the main stash I haven’t used anything out of the it!!

I do like to try out the fabrics in the shop so I can tell you how it handles & launders. None of these fabrics got in to the stash but at least they got made up, which has to be a bonus. So I’m back to the drawing board on using up the stash. I hope you are having more luck. I would also love to hear your excuses for buying more fabric.