The Forgotten Course

The forgotten course or Inside Secrets as I like to call it is a whole day course all about Interfacings/Interlinings. At first glance this sounds as if it would be the most boring subject in the world. Once you delve in to it this can be the most exciting subject.

I’m often asked where should I start with my dressmaking projects & one of the best places is inside the garment. Unless you understand how to make clothes look good from the inside they will never look good from the outside. I’m very often confronted with a garment someone has made & they are disappointed with the finish of the clothes. It looks homemade is often the cry. When I have a look, there is often no interfacing at all & the pressing is not good. The patterns don’t help with this either. They will just say apply interfacing to certain parts of the garment but don’t always say what sort of interfacing or indeed how to apply it.

Students who come to the Inside Secrets course go home with a book full of samples  of different interfacings & what you can do with them. By using one or more interfacings together you can do just about anything to a piece of fabric. In fact the only thing you can’t do is make a heavyweight fabric lighter. Imagine having a really lightweight fabric & making a tailored jacket with it. This of course could then be used to make a suit but keep the skirt light & floaty as the fabric was originally. Have a look at the photograph above. You can see three different garments all made in the same fabric. Each of them has a different interfacing inside, this makes it possible to get several different looks from one fabric.

Trying out all the different interfacings opens up a whole new world. You can try out a variety of interfacings without having to buy them all & later when you want to see what to use in your sewing projects, the folder serves as a three dimensional reference book.

I’m taking bookings now for our next course on on Thursday 3rd May.