Amazing Interfacings.

The amazing interfacings that are exclusive to English Couture are what prompted me to buy the company in the first place. I’d had experience of using fusible interfacing when I was tailoring. The results could be a bit hit & miss, but these interfacings are in a class of their own. I’ve tried them on just about every fabric you could mention & they have been great. Last week however was a surprise even to me.

I was trying out some stuff for the Sewing For Pleasure exhibition. When you are on display with thousands of people watching you really don’t need any surprises. Those of you who have my newsletter will know that I’m going to make another parka style coat, this time for my sister. Last year I made a black parka coat for myself. See the photo above, sorry about the model! This time I’m making a brown one. With this lining


ECF169 Smallecf188-bird-lining


When I ordered the two showerproof fabrics I thought they were both the same quality. It wasn’t until they arrived that I realised that the brown one was much finer that the black. So last week I cut out the coat. (there isn’t enough room on the stand for cutting out). I also cut out the Supersoft Superior interfacing for the body of the coat & Fine Sheer fusible for the sleeves. I started to fuse the interfacing to the coat, the pieces are very big so again no room at the show. When I did the shrinking process on the coat front life got very interesting. All of the steam going into the interfacing caused the fabric to crumple up. Whoops!!! Or at least I think that’s what I said! I thought I would have to cut out hand sewn interfacings, but knowing this interfacing as I do I continued. I pulled the interfacing back from the fabric, it had started to stick to it even though I hadn’t touch the surface. By gently sticking the interfacing from one end to the other I was able to fuse it in place with very few problems. The end result is fantastic, from a rather flimsy fabric which would have caused a few problems when making up to a beautiful lightweight coating fabric which I’m going to be very happy to make up in front of everyone.

If you are at the show & are buying fabrics then pop by to see us. We are on stand number F02. Next door to Linton tweeds. I’m always happy to look at the fabric you have bought & to offer advise on which interfacing to use. We can’t sell our amazing interfacings on the stand but would be very happy to take an order & send it out to you next week.