Day 1 NEC – Sewing For Pleasure

Well Day 1 at the NEC for Sewing for Pleasure.

We started the day by blowing the electrics on the stand and being told not to use our iron. Good start but things did improve once we got going.

Before a lot of the visitors had chance to get through the doors we had already had a trip to the Linton Tweed stand, I’m not sure it is a good idea for the bank balance being situated next to them.  But the fabric that is now in our bag is an exact match for fabric already at home so no choice really!

The four day parka coat challenge is underway. I have made the hood and gone to the other next door to get some ends for the drawstrings on the hood. It is really handy having all these items available as you realise you need them.


One of the main pockets is complete with zipper, & the second one is under way so the just the upper pocket to do then all pockets on the front will be have been completed. My sister Wendy is a pocket freak so there is one more to do on the inside.


Which isn’t a bad first day’s work considering we left the homemade muffins and chocolate at home! We are looking forward to seeing anyone coming to the show in the next three days. Having friendly faces around is always welcome.