Day 3 NEC- Sewing for Pleasure

Day 3 NEC – Sewing for Pleasure

We got into the show quite early this morning & as promised yesterday I took some photo’s of the costumes from The King’s Speech. The one which really caught my eye is the coat with the hugh fur collar. Have a look at the detail on the sleeve. The upper part of it is actually machined pin tucks such a simple thing to do but so effective. The hat that goes with it is just what I would want to wear. There are also evening wear from the film on display which I also love.


There are some amazingly talented people showing there things at the show & I managed when it got a bit quieter later on in the show to get to see the cake show. Wow what fantastic things you can do with icing.

The parka coat is almost finished I’ve attached the hood & already have one sleeve in place. I think I could be finished early. Unless we are very distracted tomorrow. Anyway we look forward to seeing any of you who are coming to the show for the last day tomorrow. I can’t believe it has gone so quickly. Come early as there is lots to see.