Day 4 NEC – Sewing for Pleasure

Day 4 NEC – Sewing for Pleasure

Sorry we didn’t get around to posting this last night but we were very tired!!!

Two very tired people turned up this morning to run my stand. The show seems to have gone by very quickly, but it is very tiring being on show for four days.

Anyway the big news is I’ve finished my sister’s parka coat. At 2.45 I sewed on the last button. It really needs a good press but the iron they gave me to replace the one which I had that blew the electrics on the first day is really not up to it. So I’ll have to press it at home.  I might just have got it finished in time as rain is forecast for Birmingham about the time we are due to take down the stand.

We have met some really interesting people. I’m really hoping to see them again on my courses soon. To all of you who I know from my courses, thank you for coming to see us. I know I say this every time but it really is great to see friendly faces, particularly on the final day.

I’ll be back to normal in the shop again tomorrow.